LAVA STONE connects us to the earth and brings strength through changing times.
* These stones diffuse your essential oils.

 AMETHYST is a meditative and calming stone.  It brings balance and peace.

 AQUAMARINE is a calming and cleansing stone.

 AMAZONITE, the stone of 'hope', beings a balancing and soothing energy.

CITRINE, the merchant's stone, is a stone of abundance, joy and manifestation.

 DRUZY is a stone that brings light and joy. It helps ground the mind and soul.

 GARNET is a stone of love and passion. It promotes spiritual healing and inner strength.

 HAWK EYE stone releases fear and anxiety. It helps make rational, grounded decisions.

 HEMATITE is a stone of protection. It grounds the body and spirit.

 HOWLITE reduces anxiety and stress. It promotes emotional expression.

 JADE is a stone of abundance and healing. Its energy promotes peace.

 JASPER is a nurturing stone. It promotes healing, peace and relaxation.

 LABRADORITE is a stone of transformation. It helps with change and strengthens intuition.

 OBSIDIAN and ONYX are stones of protection. These stones help absorb and release negative energy.

 The PEARL symbolizes honesty and integrity.  It aids in spiritual transformation.

 ROSE and STRAWBERRY QUARTZ is a stone of love. It promotes self-awareness and compassion.

 TIGER-EYE is a stone of grace. Its energy promotes courage and action.