Amulet Mala

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Original EOB Malas are meant to compliment all of your EOBs and current jewelry. Consisting of 108 beads in addition to its guru bead, a Mala is a traditional tool used to count mantras or breaths while meditating. These beautiful pieces are hand strung, double knotted with a natural blue stone pendant. Apply your favorite essential oils to the lava stones for the added bonus of aromatherapy.

Choose the one that speaks to you either in Howlite, a white marbled stone or Rainbow Obsidian .

HOWLITE reduces anxiety and stress. It promotes emotional expression.


Rainbow OBSIDIAN is a stone of protection, helping release negative energy.


8mm Howlite or Rainbow Obsidian

Accents: 6mm Labradorite stone, pewter halo accent

Blue Stone Drop Pendant